Ever since I can remember, I could/can not stop creating. Whether it be paintings, graphic art, music, a framed quilt (really), huge social events, movies, or of course, digital products, I simply have to create. Constantly. It defines me. 

My love for digital product design stems from a genuine desire to delight. It's been an 11 year journey. Below are some basic principles I have grown into along the way.

  • I naturally approach design with deep user empathy, however designing for everyone is not the goal. Delighting the 80% is. 
  • Beauty and elegance are super important, but even more important is making the complicated simple and intuitive.
  • What I know about my products are only assumptions until they can be validated by real users.  As such, my desire for perfection does not undermine my ability to know when its right to ship.
  • Iterate. Ship. Measure. Repeat.

I love working on consumer products in highly collaborative environments.  I have a strong leaning towards mobile product design, however all digital product design is fulfilling.  I love meeting with end users and view all feedback, positive or negative, as truly invaluable. In the end, I simply want to do whatever it takes to deliver meaningful products/experiences that delight.

Outside of work, I might be found at the skate park coaching my 9 year old son, at the lake teaching my 6 year old how to fish, at a small bar watching live music with my wife, on the mountain with a camera, or at home planning the next family or friend event. Life is fun.