ngmoco was an iOS game studio with a social network layer, called the Plus+, that served as the connective tissue for all ngmoco games. Nine months after I was hired as the sole designer for Plus+, ngmoco was acquired by Japan’s mobile gaming giant, DeNA.

I continued with DeNA as the sole designer for Mobage West, DeNA’s social network that would replace the Plus+ network.

Mobage Social Platform Experience Concepts

After significant usability tests and interviews with 1st and 3rd party game developers, it was clear that we needed to bring the Mobage experience into the game, as opposed to being a separate experience.  It needed to be easily accessible while keeping the player immersed in their gaming experience.  

I designed the concept below to do just that.  It was tested with users and developers alike, and received an enthusiastic thumbs up.   Unfortunately, shortly after development began, DeNA West decided to leave the platform business and act solely as a game development studio.

I worked with our engineers to produce this early concept that evolved into the concept featured above.