Working with adidas corporate and designers, I led the design (IA/UX,Creative direction) for adidas.TV.  It was an entertainment hub for all of adidas' video content. 

The homepage was designed to get the user immediately immersed in highly enjoyable video content.  With a CMS that allows the designation of videos to one of the featured areas at the top of the page, as well as a large, on-page and above-the-fold video player, adidas is able to put their best foot forward with each new visitor. 

Organizing the video content in standard buckets, or channels, is an effective and straightforward approach.  To maximize the discovery experience however, tags are used to surface the content that the user is looking for.  

Commerce through content is the big message here.  Each video in the system is paired with a related product allowing the user to interact with the product as well as link off to the online store, a product website, or even send it to their mobile device.

The ability to save favorite videos provided one more avenue for sharing adidas.TV content.   

Viral Video Player Widgets

These fully interactive video widgets were used to share adidas videos outside of adidas.TV.

Video portability via consumer widgets was a key marketing and user acquisition strategy.  To increase the likelihood that a user will post a widget, the ability to personalize the content of the widget was added.  Registered adidas.TV users can create a channel of their favorite videos.  This personalized playlist of videos can then be shared with others on social networks and blogs.

While widgets can be cloned right from their location, the user can also be taken to adidas.TV.

adidas.TV CMS Management Wizard

A large part of this project was the admin tool to manage videos.  Uploading and managing videos was an involved process that required a detailed manual, which I created for our client.

A comprehensive training manual was requested to teach global adidas staff about adidas.TV and and the supporting CMS.  This 70 page manual covered  everything from front-end features to asset requirements and the administrative interface of the CMS.

So how do all of these videos get into the system in the first place?  The CMS that supports adidas.TV is a very robust and technical system.  Designing a user-friendly, web-based interface to ingest and tag video content makes it easy for even the nontechnical to perform what would otherwise be an administrator's task. 


CytoSport is a family owned bay area company that is enjoying tremendous success.  Their products were unexpectedly adopted by everyday consumers, reaching far beyond their targeted hard core athletic audience.  They needed a new website that would speak to this broader audience without compromising the brand for their core audience.