As a sole contributor or a part of a team, I simply love the design process, from blue sky to MVP and everything in between.  While my leanings are upstream (IA, user flows, annotated wireframes and prototypes, interaction design, analytics, usability studies and creative direction), I am also a pixel level designer.  I just love to create, do what needs to be done, and work with a passionate team.  


Sketch 3  |  Omnigraffle  |  Photoshop  |  After Effects  |  Flinto  |  Marvel  |  Jira  |  Keynote


RidePal, Inc. - San Francisco, CA                             07/2014 - 06/2015

Technology company focused on solving the single-driver, long distance commute problem by offering luxury, Wi-Fi enabled commuter shuttles.  Since the company began in 2011, 200,000 trips were delivered. 150,000+ of those trips were made in the last 9 months. Unfortunately, the company lost funding and was forced to close down.

UX Lead

Sole product designer, working closely with back & front end engineering teams, executive staff, bus operators and corporate clients to design and deliver useful, intuitive and impactful products.

  • Redesigned the iOS app, delivering simple and intuitive solutions to a very complex set of problems, as verified through usability tests.
  • Introduced key features including mobile payments, ETAs, planning/saving trips, user settings and more. 
  • Redesigned the website which yielded an average of 4 organic sales leads per day
    (previously only 1 every 2 weeks).
  • Redesigned the on-bus tag-on experience (Android tablet) and the physical NFC card used to tag-on.
  • Designed rider advocacy petition experience, strengthening leads with signed petition of intent-to-ride by employees. 
  • Designed all marketing collateral (email templates, mailers, schwag, etc.)
  • Designed internal and client admin tools.


NGMOCO/DENA WEST - San Francisco, CA                   03/10 - 07/14

Leading global mobile gaming platform company. Acquired by DeNA in fall of 2010.

Platform UX Lead

Work closely with product, design, front & back end engineering teams, analytics and executive staff to craft new products and features and optimize existing ones.


Mobage Social Gaming Network (post-acquisition)

  • Designed the new Mobage social gaming network experience to replace Plus+.
  • Designed a new set of cross-promotional experiences resulting in 20% increase in game NUUs.
  • Completely redesigned the Mobage offering, leveraging stakeholder requirements, market research and usability studies.
  • UX adviser for 1st party game teams and the developer portal.
  • Served as Western representative in DeNA’s Global UX Committee working on global UX issues.


Plus+ Social Gaming Network (pre-acquisition)

  • Redesigned existing registration flows resulting in a ~25% increase in CVR.
  • Redesigned various social experiences resulting in ~40% increase in invitations sent. 
  • Watched user base grow from ~3MM accounts to ~24MM accounts over the course of my 1st year.


BEBO Inc./AOL - San Francisco, CA                                 03/09 - 01/10

A popular SNS that was larger than Facebook in its target territories at this time.

Sr. UI Designer

Worked closely with designers and developers, redesigning existing areas of the site to improve the user experience, increase reach and engagement, and to accommodate innovation.    

  • Redesigned (IA, UX, UI) entire photo experience, returning daily photo views from ~ 35MM to almost 70MM per day, a number not reached since 2008.
  • Conceived and designed innovative, conversational photo tagging mechanism called Bubble Tagging.  More than 300K tags were created the first week after launch.
  • Designed the Games homepage, profile module and communication mechanisms.
  • Key contributor in feature prioritization and defining the product roadmap.
  • Held focus groups and usability tests.


EVB (Evolution Bureau) - San Francisco, CA                 08/08 - 03/09

A multi-award winning, interactive agency in San Francisco.

User Experience Lead/Information Architect  

Worked closely with clients, creative teams and in-house and outsourced development teams to turn business and user requirements into meaningful and engaging experiences.


adidas.TV (recipient of the Bronze London International Award: 2009 Digital) 

  • Presented strategies and designs to internal teams and clients.
  • Redesigned various website pages and designed the adidas.TV video widgets.
  • Authored functionality specifications, QA test plans and client-facing training materials.
  • Contributed in graphic design and creative direction.
  • Interaction design recognition on the London International Award.

  • Translated business/user requirements into compelling product vision and interaction strategy.
  • Designed and communicated IA/UX through annotated site maps, wireframes, mocks and flows.
  • Contributed in graphic design and creative direction.
  • Assist in copywriting and participated in QA testing.


SOUNDFLAVOR, INC. - San Francisco, CA                12/02 - 08/08    

Internet company which created a large database of human captured, song-level metadata for commercial music, powering advanced song search and recommendations for consumer and professional applications. Acquired by Ricall, Ltd. in 2008.

 Creative Director/User Experience Lead  07-08

Defined and executed creative/UX vision for consumer and enterprise desktop & web apps as well as marketing collateral.  

  • Promoted to Creative Director/UX Lead after 4 years of increasing product contribution.
  • Led the redesign of, seeing monthly uniques increase by 600%, time spent on site by 200%
  • Worked closely with CEO and development teams in an agile environment, 
  • Wrote usability test plans and implemented accordingly.
  • Utilized research, analytics and usability findings to inform design decisions and new feature creation. 
  • Conceived and designed Soundflavor’s viral and fully interactive Video Jukebox widget.
  • Designed all sales and marketing collateral and assisted in copywriting.

Director, Music Operations (First Employee)  02-07

Key contributor to product design while leading/managing staff of 60+ (managers, editors, analysts, trainers and QA) in the research and analysis of recorded music.     


User Interface Design/Graphic Design

  • Worked closely with CEO and development team on the UI, UX and graphic design for Soundflavor DJ, a very complex, yet user-friendly, desktop application.
  • Designed Soundflavor’s second, and most successful, line of playlist widgets.
  • Conceived and designed numerous feature additions to the Soundflavor website and consistently modified/redesigned preexisting graphic assets.
  • Designed Soundflavor’s first off-page music player.
  • Designed UI and workflow of Music Ops. proprietary software, increasing productivity by 500%.


Operations Management

  • Recruited and developed team for output-driven Music Ops. Department, growing staff from one to 70 over four year period.
  • Managed the creation of Soundflavor’s database of rich, human-captured, song-level metadata, core to all Soundflavor products and services.
  • Mentored staff, actively developing their skills and leadership abilities.
  • Consistently exceeded aggressive output goals while operating within rigorous budget.
  • Managed detailed output/productivity forecasts, performance reports and awards programs.
  • Developed effective training program, shortening training period while maintaining quality standards. 
  • Identified, tested and implemented amendments/additions to the songprint data model and recommendation algorithm, improving personalized recommendations and searchability.



Ex’pression College for Digital Arts - Emeryville, CA                     

Bachelor of Applied Science:  Comprehensive Sound Arts, August 2002

Full scholarship: Chosen as sole recipient of the Eckart Wintzen Scholarship.  


University of Montana - Missoula, MT                           

Bachelor of Science:  Recreation Management, June, 1999