RidePal iOS APP

I completely redesigned the RidePal app for iOS, greatly improving the overall experience, utility and aesthetic.  It was an essential tool for our riders, enabling them to find and save their favorite trips, find their bus stop easily with interactive stop descriptions, monitor bus locations and ETAs in real time, purchase passes, and much more.  

RidePal Website

I completely redesigned the RidePal website to improve usability, flow, utility and aesthetic.  It was typically a prospective rider's initial experience with RidePal.  Here is where they would set up their account and do everything else that was available in the app. 

Additionally, the website served as corporate sales lead generation tool.  Prior to the redesign, we received 1 organic lead through the website every 2 weeks.  After the redesign we averaged 4 per day.

Rider Petition Experience 

This petition experience was a new, stand-alone feature with the purpose of rallying employee interest for a RidePal commuter bus.  It made the sales process much easier when we were able to show HR and Benefits Managers just how impactful RidePal could be for them.